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The Humanize Project

The role of leaders and particularly young people is more important than ever


According to the World Economic Forumdwindling social cohesion and increasing youth disillusionment have been among the most prominent effects of the global pandemic and ongoing civil conflicts. How young people lead and how they influence those around them can have a significant impact on society, institutions, and communities.

​Spaces that support youth in developing leadership skills are key to changing the direction in which the world is heading. That's where The Humanize Project comes in! We want to support you as a young leader by enhancing your abilities as a change maker and a positive influencer.


We invite you to join us on a journey in which you will reflect on the role you play in society, enhance your leadership skills from a human-centric perspective, and reflect on the values that create a better future for yourself and those who follow. 

This year, The Humanize Project will offer 30 young change makers, from diverse backgrounds, aged 22 to 30, who are based in Scotland, the opportunity to take part in a 3-day leadership course, free of charge. The course will run in Edinburgh from 16-18 September. Throughout, we will explore how to better understand yourself and others around you, how to engage in elevated conversations, and how to affect a positive influence on society by creating community wherever you go.

Building your capacity to be an agent of change

In partnership with we will facilitate a space for changemakers like you to develop the capacity to create an environment of trust and enhance meaningful conversations.


By exploring how to better understand yourself and others and practicing deep listening we hope you will learn how to affect a positive influence on society and how to create a sense of community wherever you go.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Listening to others

  2. Engaging with each other in meaningful conversations

  3. Exploring empathy

  4. Understand the role of trust

  5. Reflecting on our words and actions

Gain a deeper understanding of:

  1. The meaning of a community

  2. The concept of trust

  3. The power of meaningful conversations

  4. Bringing people along with you

Take Action and Get Involved

Apply for the fully funded 2022 Trust Leadership course through this application form

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