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Hello there!

I am Nasim. I am a multicultural leader based in Scotland, born in Ecuador to Iranian and Ecuadorian parents. I'm on a mission to empower youth like you to democratize leadership by enhancing self-awareness and encouraging deep and thought-provoking dialogues. I'm passionate about power shifts, systemic change, social entrepreneurship, collaboration, and human-centered leadership.

My Story

I am a Landecker Fellow 2022 and I have started this project to support youth like you to enhance their leadership skills and create a community. I am also the Director of Culture at Umega in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I am responsible for shaping Umega's company culture by bringing humanity into the workplace.


Throughout my career, which has included roles in governance, food security, education, and organizational leadership, I've helped shape institutions and enabled people to explore their potential. In Ecuador, I was awarded the National Honours Award in Research for her investigation into governance and food security, which encouraged collaboration between the government, businesses, and the third sector.


During my voluntary service at the Lotus Temple in India, I was offered the opportunity to coordinate volunteers from 30 different nationalities and helped develop the programs for visiting global figures and heads of state. These international experiences encouraged me to earn a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in International Management as well as keeping me aligned in creating spaces for collaboration, inclusivity and diversity. 

Pascal Jossi

Pascal is Co-founder of Soul BELUX (Belgium/Luxembourg Unit)

He joined the Team with several years of experience in project management specifically in long-term capacity development in community building projects. What drives Pascal is the belief that the 21st century requires a new way of working and collaborating. Together with he is on a mission to make the world work for 100% of the people. His multilingual skills and his background in education and labour sciences make him a great facilitator and leader. 


Johannes Luckaz


We exist thanks to:

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